Hole City: Book 1


The world has been at war for centuries. Entire generations have been born and have
died without knowing what they had been fighting for. Technologies have been lost
and the irreparable damage caused by such battles has affected the whole human
knowledge, the environment, and has transformed our cultures. All over the world, the
currency has been bullets, literally. The only remaining peaceful territory that has been
heard of is Hole City, an unlikely place built in the middle of the desert.

Comes with audiobook version in CD.

Also available in Portuguese – Cidade Buraco: Livro 1.



Format: 20 X 29cm
Pages: 72
Publisher: Nega Lilu – Selo Tuc


The author

Emerson Rodrigues is an Animation Director, professor and illustrator. Co-founder of the animation studio Buraco de Bala, in Brasilia, where he directed animations for over 15 years. Responsible for projects developed for Nike, McDonald’s, MTV, VH1, Red Bull, WWF and many others.

Studied Industrial Design at UnB and improved his craft at the Concept Design Academy (California) and at the renowned French animation school Gobelins, L’école de l’image.

Since 2013 has been teaching 2D animation at the Animation School of Goiânia. In 2014, was among the 15 animators selected by the SEA project – Concept Development Master Class, which gathered new talents from global animation in Denmark, headquarters of The Animation Workshop.

He currently heads the Mão de Macaco, an independent animation studio in Goiânia aimed at personal projects, where he produced his first comic book (Hole City: book 1) and has been producing the 2D animation short Brazil, as well as the children’s cartoon Micronauta – project selected forthe 2017 World Grant of the Bridging the Gap Animation Lab, held in Tenerife, Spain.




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